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My Story:

I was just seven when I completed this bird drawing and realized I wanted to teach art to others. Eventually, my natural passion and professional training merged into years of teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Seeing the spark of joy in someone's eyes when they are pleased with their creation remains one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. In the words of Bob Ross "You can do anything here -- the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy."

My Offerings this year:






in-person lessons 

Art Blast Bursts

ALL ages and skills levels are welcome! This is a great intro to Niagara Arts Academy and to art itself. They are adapted to suit (including those with exceptionalities).

Four Sixty-Minutes Sessions 

  • For 1 or 2 participants: $120 per person for a 4-class session

  • From 3 to 6 participants: $95 per person for a 4-class session

  • For Larger Groups: $70 per person for a 4-class session  Ideal for schools, churches, summer camps, homeschool groups, daycare. For every 7 participants arranged, the next one is free or the savings is divided among the participants: If divided, 8 would pay $15.30 per lesson.

1. Gather your group and choose your Session or Sessions below.

2. Contact me to arrange details.

3. Pay by email transfer to secure the date.

Prices include any applicable taxes. Materials are NOT included. If I cancel, you will be reimbursed for unused classes. I cannot offer compensation for missed classes but offer 1 complimentary makeup class per quarter in case of emergency or illness.

Drawing: Learn the basics of sketching and drawing. Mat and frame your drawing. Materials needed: Various items of interest and variety (to draw) such as a flower, an apple and favourite stuff animal. HB pencil, sharpener, sketch paper, mat, and frame.

Acrylic Painting: Explore basic colour mixing and brush handling to complete one acrylic painting on canvas. Materials needed: a set of acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas. Cup for water, disposable plate for colour mixing, paper towel, plastic table cloth to protect surfaces. 


Nature Journaling: Observation skills will be developed on nature walks using nature scientist J. Muirs' concepts: WANDER. NOTICE. TRANSFER. WONDER. CONNECT. Materials: A shoulder bag/backpack with a quality sketchbook; pencil case; ruler; pencil, eraser, and sharpener or a mechanical pencil. Optional: magnifying glass; timer; watercolour pencils or dried watercolour set with a small bottle of water and brush or pencil crayons. For outdoor sketching: Bug spray/sunscreen/jacket as needed. Indoor nature studies will be arranged in case of inclement weather.


Pastels: Create a few masterpieces beautifully suited for these materials: To name a few: The rolling hills of Ireland; a jellyfish floating in the depths of the sea; looking up through the forest treetops to the sky. Items needed: A medium to large size pad of charcoal paper of any colour/s and a set of chalk/soft pastels and a set of oil pastels.

Watercolour: You will make washes, use resist, salt, use your imagination and detail. You will complete several small watercolours to make into cards or to frame. Materials needed: Set of watercolours, brushes and watercolour paper, pencil, glue stick, set of 5 (or more) blank cards and envelopes or small mats and frames.

Pottery: The Slab, coil, and pinch method will be used to make a small leaf bowl, a pinch pot animal, and a coil pencil holder. Airdry clay, tools for clay (pin, roller, knife, bowl of water, small piece of smooth cloth or chamois), Krylon clear coat spray, a set of acrylic paints, and brushes for decorating. (A group purchase for supplies may be arranged.)

Fresh Dozen Special:

Take THREE 4-session Burst Blasts

 in a row and receive a BONUS

Art Workshop! Check them out HERE.

Girl with a Basket


Art Class
Art Class

Home Education Art Courses

These CHRISTIAN FAITH-BASED courses are designed and taught by a fully qualified teacher: Lorenda Harder, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Honours in Bachelor of Education.

Middle School Art (Gr. 5-8): Art through the Bible

Tentative start date Jan. or Sept. 2022

Full DSBN equivalent 60+ hour course consisting of eighty-minute guided lessons. 

Receive Niagara Arts Academy "Art through the Bible" Graded Certificate. 


DESCRIPTION. Exploring a wide variety of media. Students create simple and fun art projects inspired by the themes, subjects, or stories provided in the Bible and history. Through the year, skill in applying the elements and principles of art will be developed as the student experiments with a wide range of materials including drawing with pencil, chalk pastel, ink; painting with watercolour and acrylic; building a sculpture, and pulling a print. 

Instruction and Course Cost: 5 postdated cheques for $240 each as arranged.  

Additional costs: Needed Materials (approximately $100).

High School (Gr. 9-12): Art Foundations I or II

Tentative start date Jan. or Sept. 2022

Earn the equivalent of full-semester 110-hour high school DSBN Art courses. Receive Niagara Arts Academy High School Foundations I or II Graded Certificate 



These courses incorporate a balance of delight-directed Studio Time with Art History and Appreciation. They learn and apply the basic elements (focused on in grade 9/10) and are introduced to the principles of art (focused on in the grade 11/12 course). Critical thinking will be encouraged regarding the arts within a Christian worldview.

WEEKLY Schedule: 5 hrs per week for 22 weeks = 110 hrs


In-Session: 1.5 hrs. personal instruction and skill development

The student must hand in assignments and present their evaluation sheet weekly

At Home: Parent- or Self-guided*

1.5 hrs in studio time on Art Project 

1 hour home drawing assignment 

40 min. History of Art & Appreciation

-Including a combination of reading, studying, videos, family discussion, etc.

20 min. Relevant written work  

*if needed, some out-of-class help from the teacher is available

By the end of the course, the student will have:

• Completed several art projects using various materials

• Developed skills applying the elements and the principles of art

• Learned common art terms and self-expression through art

• Useful knowledge of the History of Art within a biblical and cultural context

• Know various applications of the arts in several settings (career, worship, etc.)

• If prearranged: Built a Portfolio for application to a specific college

What You need 

• A copy of Francis Schaeffer's booklet "Art and the Bible"

• Art supplies for the course (a list will be provided after the interview) Usually about $100

• Reliable computer, wifi and email (and Zoom capabilities for online lessons)

• 1 or 2 family art discussions, attendance to the student art show, and an Art Gallery visit.

Instruction and Course Cost: postdated monthly cheques for $240 each written to Lorenda Harder 

• Extra tutoring can be arranged if desired

Prices include any applicable taxes. Materials are NOT included. If I cancel, you will be reimbursed for unused classes. I cannot offer compensation for missed classes but offer 1 complimentary makeup class per quarter in case of emergency or illness.


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