Integration of Art & Poetry

The Wounded Christ



Tangled Garland Press, will be offering another limited edition poetry book featuring poetry and imagery by Lorenda Harder in "The Wounded Christ."

8" x 8" Forty pages. Leather-bound.

$30.00  Presale price includes free delivery within Canada and the USA.

the mending branch


“When I first created my nom de plume _thebrokenbranch_ and began snapping photos to 'write about' on Instagram, I had no idea how it would ultimately expose distorted core beliefs from early childhood. I sought interesting vignette compositions, colours, and textures near me and suddenly, raw poetic descriptions sprang directly from my heart into my mind. This visual-verbal conduit enabled me to experience emotional-spiritual integration in a matter of months: It served as a grand spring thaw to years of work in my healing journey. I hope '_the mending branch_' might encourage others in their own spiritual or emotional struggles."

_the mending branch_ is a collection of contemporary blank and free verse, traditional poems and excerpts, visual inspirations, and #thoughts. This unique integrated visual-verbal art form shows snippets of the author’s healing journey. In the big picture, it celebrates the desire and ability God has to mend each one of our broken hearts with both truth and tenderness. The creative and poignant expression through dozens of poems and photos offers countless opportunities on which to reflect and meditate. This leather-bound limited edition is hand-signed and numbered by the author.



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