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Art Blast 

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4 WORKSHOPS In-Person*or Online

ALL AGES & SKILLS LEVELS are welcome. This is a great intro to Niagara Arts Academy and to art itself. Each "Burst" includes FOUR 1-1.5 hr. workshops.

These generally include four stand alone weekly projects that are adapted to suit.


Drawing: Learn the basics of sketching and drawing using a variety of drawing media on paper such as pencil, charcoal, ink, etc. Elements of art will be explored in 4 separate projects.  Materials: Pencil, sharpener, ruler, sketch paper. Other optional: ink pens, markers, charcoal, etc. Add $10 to cover cost of in-class materials.

Acrylic Painting: Explore basic colour mixing and brush handling to complete one acrylic painting on canvas. Materials used/needed*: a set of acrylic paints, brushes, and canvas. Cup for water, disposable plate for colour mixing, paper towel, plastic table cloth to protect surfaces.Possibly other items to pain, such as a wooden box, cushion cover, fabric bag, etc. Add $20 min. to cover materials. 


Nature Journaling: Observation skills will be developed on nature walks using nature scientist J. Muirs' concepts: WANDER. NOTICE. TRANSFER. WONDER. CONNECT. Materials (none provided)*: A shoulder bag/backpack with a quality mix-media sketchbook; pencil case; ruler; pencil, eraser, and sharpener or a mechanical pencil. Optional: magnifying glass; timer; watercolour pencils or dried watercolour set with a small bottle of water and brush or pencil crayons. For outdoor sketching: Bug spray/sunscreen/jacket as needed. Indoor nature studies will be arranged in case of inclement weather. This cost varies but will be a minimum of $30.


Pastels: Create a few masterpieces beautifully suited for these materials: To name a few: The rolling hills of Ireland; a jellyfish floating in the depths of the sea; looking up through the forest treetops to the sky. Items needed*: A medium to large size pad of charcoal paper of any colour/s and a set of chalk/soft pastels and a set of oil pastels. Add $10 to cover cost of in-class materials.

Watercolour: You will make washes, use resist, salt, use your imagination and detail. You will complete several small watercolours to make into cards or to frame. Materials needed*: Set of watercolours, brushes and watercolour paper, pencil, glue stick, set of 5 (or more) blank cards and envelopes or small mats and frames. Add $20 to cover cost of in-class materials.

Pottery: The Slab, coil, and pinch method will be used to make a small leaf bowl, a pinch pot animal, and a coil pencil holder. Air-dry or polymer clay, tools for clay (pin, roller, knife, bowl of water, small piece of smooth cloth or chamois), Krylon clear coat spray, a set of acrylic paints, and brushes for decorating. Add $25 to cover in-class materials.

Exploration Combo: Experience a variety of the above media in project-oriented classes. Materials used/needed are stated in Bursts above. Add $20 to cover cost of in-class materials.


My Story:

I was just seven when I completed this bird drawing and realized I wanted to teach art to others. Eventually, my natural passion and professional training merged into years of teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Seeing the spark of joy in someone's eyes when they are pleased with their creation remains one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. In the words of Bob Ross "You can do anything here -- the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy."



ONLINE - $per person ($ per workshop or less) plus materials listed in Art Burst descriptions.


  • Small Group (1-6) $120 per person. ($35 per workshop)

  • Medium (7-12) $90 per person.($22.50 per workshop)

  • Larger (13+) $70 per person. ($17.50 per workshop) 
    Ideal for schools, churches, summer camps, home education groups, daycare.

    Add Materials cost $10 - $25 per person - see Burst descriptions. 

  • Ask about same household and homeschool discounts and regarding children under 6 or otherwise needing special assistance.

Payment & Attendance 

Taxes. Any applicable taxes are included in the price.

Short Term Classes. (4-week Bursts, Art Workshops). Full payment is due at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the first class. Email transfer or cash accepted. One screen per participant is recommended.

Group Cancellations and Attendance. Full reimbursement is available for up to 2 weeks ahead of first/scheduled Burst for group cancellations, less materials if they cannot be returned. Rescheduling may be available after this date for the group. 

One one-hour general makeup art class is made available for single participants, once per quarter. Group attendees cannot be reimbursed as special pricing is based on the number in the group, not the individual. Wherever possible, materials will be supplied.

*Note: The first payment in any year for a class, workshop, or course, includes a $1 fee for membership to Niagara Arts Academy ( Members may receive discounts, occasional resourceful newsletters, blog posts, and informative emails. You can opt-out of receiving these at any time. In-person classes vary due to restrictions.

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