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My Story:

I was just seven when I completed this bird drawing and realized I wanted to teach art to others. Eventually, my natural passion and professional training merged into years of teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Seeing the spark of joy in someone's eyes when they are pleased with their creation remains one of the most satisfying experiences in my life. In the words of Bob Ross "You can do anything here -- the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy."

Home Education Art Courses: In Person and Online (varies due to restrictions)

These small group CHRISTIAN FAITH-BASED courses are designed and taught by a fully qualified teacher: Lorenda Harder, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Honours in Bachelor of Education. Though these courses are not guaranteed accredited, principals have been known to accept the completed courses and transfer them as full credits when assimilating into the public or private high school. 


Middle School Art (Gr. 5-8):

Terms as arranged. Please Enquire

Full DSBN equivalent 60+ hour course with a faith-based twist. Art through the Bible consists of 16 two-hour weekly guided sessions (in-person or via Zoom, as determined), leaving the student the equivalent time to complete their project, practice a new skill and do a home drawing assignment (2 hrs weekly). Dates as arranged. 

The student will receive a Niagara Arts Academy "Art through the Bible" Certificate.

A Report Card is available if requested before course begins.



Exploring a wide variety of media. Students create simple and fun art projects inspired by the themes, subjects, or stories provided in the Bible and Christian history. Through the course, skill in applying the elements and principles of art will be developed as the student experiments with a wide range of materials including drawing with pencil, chalk pastel, ink; painting with watercolour and acrylic; building a sculpture and pulling a print. Two hours of weekly work at home to complete projects and assignments is mandatory to receive certificate of completion. Contact me for full syllabus.


$125 Registration fee (for materials including pre-ordered take-home art kit - non-refundable)

Please include the student's name, age (grade if desired), and caregiver contact information: name, email and phone number. A brief interview with the parent will precede registration.


1-4 students: Five payments of $199 each due the 15th of each previous month or as arranged.

5-8 students: Five payments of $159 each due the 15th of each previous month or as arranged.

9-12 students: Five payments of $99 each due the 15th of each previous month or as arranged.

High School (Gr. 9-12): Art Foundations I or II*

Semesters as arranged. Please Enquire.

Earn the equivalent of full-semester 110-hour high school DSBN Art courses. Receive Niagara Arts Academy High School Foundations I or II Graded Certificate 

*Student provides a portfolio and will be casually interviewed for us to determine which foundations course will be suitable. 



These courses incorporate a balance of delight-directed Studio Time with Art History and Appreciation. They learn and apply the basic elements (focused on in grade 9/10 for NAA Art Foundations I) and are introduced to the principles of art (focused on in the grade 11/12 course for NAA Art Foundations II). Critical thinking will be encouraged regarding the arts within a Christian worldview.

SCHEDULE: 5.5 hrs per week for 20 weeks

+ hrs for student art exhibit and art gallery visit/s (online or in-person as arranged)

= 110 hrs


Weekly 2.25 hour LIVE Session Instruction, art history and appreciation discussions, and skill development. One student oral and visual presentation. The student must hand in assignments each week.

Weekly .5 mi Virtual Session Homework Help (as arranged)

Weekly 2.5 hours work at Home: Parent- or Self-guided.

90 min Studio time on Art Project 

30 min Home drawing assignment 

60 min. History of Art & Appreciation

-Including a combination of reading, studying, written work, projects, videos, family discussion, etc.


By the end of the course, the student will have:

• Completed several art projects using various materials

• Developed skills applying the elements and the principles of art

• Learned common art terms and self-expression through art

• Recieved useful knowledge of the History of Art within a biblical and cultural context

• Been familiarized with various applications of the arts in several settings (career, worship, etc.)

• If prearranged: Built a Portfolio for application to a specific college

What You need 

• A copy of Francis Schaeffer's booklet "Art and the Bible"  $5 PDF available here.

• Reliable computer, wifi, and email (and ability to join with Zoom if not in class in-person).

• Online search capabilities and access to library for research assignments.

• Access to a black and white printer to print assignments.

• Abilitiy to send photos of assignments if needed. 

• 1 or 2 family art discussions, attendance to the student art show, and an Art Gallery visit.


Registration/Materials Fee: $200

Six payments of $250 


Payments & Attendance 

Payments. Email transfer to or as prearranged. 

Any applicable taxes are included in the price.

Registration Fee. Due at registration with schedule confirmation, to secure your spot and cover cost of materials (much of it is pre-ordered and nonrefundable.)

Course Payments: First monthly Lesson payment must be received by the15th of the previous month or as arranged.

***Please include the student's name, age (grade if desired), and caregiver contact information: name, email and phone number.***


Cancellations and Attendance. If cancelation of the course is necessary after the deadline and rescheduling is not possible in-person or online, reimbursement for unused classes will be arranged, taking into account the cost of pre-purchased materials. 


If I am informed of a missed class beforehand (you must call 289-783-1545 if within an hour of start time), one one-hour general makeup art class is available every 3 months. The student is responsible to enquire about homework instrustions (virtual and/or written instructions) so the student can catch up. 


Note: Additional private tutoring at $35 an hour can also be arranged to supplements course. The first payment in any year for a class, workshop, or course, includes a $1 fee for membership to Niagara Arts Academy. Members receive discounts, occasional resourceful newsletters, blog posts, and informative emails. You can opt-out of receiving these at any time. 

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