"We are all called to be . . . repairers of creation."

Mr. Fred Rogers, 2001

Often, both the beauty of nature and the pain of the human condition takes my breath away and causes me to erupt in expressive arts.

Brief visual encounters with nature soothe and heal me - they push me to grab my brush to interpret my life in emotional lines and unexpected colour contrasts. Also, life experiences drive me to pick my pen and express through poetry. They work together in a complementary way, allowing expressive wholeness.  


My heart's desire is similar to that of artist Georgia O'Keefe's: That my work possess such an 'inner energy . . . that it cannot be ignored.'

The messages that manage to grow through the weedy flux of my life are all I have to offer back to the world - my struggles, my gratitude, those moments of awe. I am thrilled when others relate to my pieces and receive a sense of empathy or see a reflection of the spiritual. 

  • in NATURE: Plein air sketching and watercolours and quick visual studies while hiking, kayaking or on the beach.

  • in TRAVELS: Gathering experiences and reference photos for future work.

  • in-STUDIO: Expressing memories and thoughts through everything from journaling, poetry, soft pastels to larger acrylic works.

“One hopes for something resembling truth, some sense of life, even of grace, to flicker, at least, in the work.”


Jasper Johns, 2006

This painitng was directly inspired by Newworldson's song "Sweet Holy Spirit"

"Spirit" 12" x 48" Acrylic on canvas

Lorenda Harder Artist Studio