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ARTIST statement

Beautiful unexpected encounters with nature and the pain of the human condition often take my breath away and motivate me to try and express joy through my paint brush and empathy through my pen. 

The messages that manage to grow through the "weedy flux" of my life are all I have to offer back to the world - my struggles and my moments of awe.


I am thrilled when others relate to my pieces and receive a sense of empathy or see a reflection of the spiritual. Like Georgia O'Keefe, I hope that my work possesses such an 'inner energy . . . that it cannot be ignored.' 

Featured here: "Spirit" 12" x 48" Acrylic abstract on canvas

Spirit by Lorenda Harder

"Your piece titled 'SPIRIT' that I purchased a few years ago is breathtaking!

It graces a wall where I am enjoying it daily. . .its rich hues of blue-greens with swirls of both harmonious and complementary colours entwine as if by the force of a flame reaching upward.

It is beautiful! Thank you for creating something so meaningful!"


Peachland, BC

One hopes for something resembling truth, some sense of life, even of grace, to flicker, at least, in the work.

Jasper Johns, 2006

We are all called to be . . . repairers of creation.

Mr. Fred Rogers, 2001

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