A Slice of Life

Updated: 4 days ago

What a busy spring it has been for me! Suffice it to say that this, my "May post" is sent well into June . .. and my post is about JULY!

My bespoke art school, Niagara Arts Academy (NAA), officially started up in 2010 and has gone through many iterations. Mostly, I have taught private lessons and small groups of homeschoolers, 4-lesson "Art Bursts" and full workshops for some adults. I have a deep passion for teaching and love helping to cultivate creativity in others.

I don't have a student exhibit every year, but I am looking forward to celebrating over 100 pieces in a show I've entitled "Slice of Life", featuring a compilation of work chosen from over 30 of this year's NAA students. The student names will remain anonymous except possibly for the three high school students I taught in an Art Foundations course, since they produced a significant body of work during their 120-hour course.

I trust you will enjoy these highlights with me from the wide variety of work that will be displayed. The launch will be at 2pm on Canada Day.

So visit my website on July 1st to see the display go live, as good as fireworks, happening in a "Slice of Life." What a great summer kick-off! You may also VISIT and SHARE the show which will be available until July 15th.

Mark your calendar with this link if you don't want to miss the launch

See you soon,


Lorenda Harder Artist Studio