Summer. Smoke. Sunshine.

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

This season's art time slipped away on me. Sometimes, creativity is applied to problem-solving. Sometimes, our situations demand all our energy is poured into something ELSE we family or friends. I call it a time of "collecting references" - whenever I found a few moments to be mindful, I wrote a few words. Whenever I saw a breathtaking view or piece of nature or fascinating relationship, I snapped a photo. When I grieved, I journaled.

This summer was overflowing with heat, forrest fire threats, and valleys of smoke. But it was also special moments of connecting with people who mean a lot to me, beginning to understand the breadth of love and hope, and finding perfect peace kayaking in marshy swamps.

I wonder how my new understandings and experiences will morph my art? I wonder what will flow out? It has been the most humid, sweaty and busy desert experience I have ever lived through. I am beginning to make room for studio work again...and for tutoring again. I just can't see to stay away from either. I suppose this is why I am an artist and teacher.

What do you always go back to? I mean after you tire of Netflix and chips? Just looking back at some of my exhibits (You can see them here too: I wonder what my next THEME might be?

Lorenda Harder Artist Studio