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Waiting for Spring

This year, as I wait for the season to blossom, I feel impatient and anxious. This piece was painted with a wax resist (where the white, or snow is) and I painted the colours into it after I laid down the invisible resist. I suppose life, like this resist painting, appears somewhat similar. I am taking time this year to contemplate new directions in my art and life and as I do, I am not seeing the direction clearly and only notice an apparent lack of movement. I will need to take enough time to rest and find a sense of peace, reevaluate my priorities, lay down the framework...And then, with faith, pick up my tools and apply the colour, trusting the image to emerge, the words to flow. Life is always an adventure for me. It holds mystery and hope. Things that could be viewed as frightening can sometimes also be exciting. Joy can offer encouragement to others, but even pain can offer training in empathy. Practising patience can feel like I am being impatient, but ironically, it is actually building patience: An ability to be at rest on the inside before continuing to grow in my life and work.


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