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About Lorenda Harder


"Lorenda uses themes from nature that inspire dynamic, energetic lines, and surprising colour contrasts as she responds emotionally to the inner energy of her subject."



  • natural talent was recognized early on and encouraged 

  • awards won and degrees earned (BFA, BEd), but id a lifetime learner

  • castle-living, cross-country travel, painting murals, educating, writing poems


Exhibits. Lorenda is a mature emerging artist (since her years involved in private education), now holding private solo exhibits and being chosen for juried group shows. 

Art. Dozens
 of original pieces and limited edition art poetry books have already been homed throughout Niagara, across Canada, and as far afield as San Diego, New York City, and Australia. 

Time. Lorenda is settled in the beautiful region of Niagara, Canada with her husband and often in a kayak or in front of her fireplace. She still offers art tutoring from time to time because she can't help herself.


Memberships: CARFAC, CIVA, FCA, QSAG

FOUNDER: Niagara Arts Academy and Faith Arts


Lorenda captures
a sense of the

subject's spiritual essence.

Carolyn Wiebe, collector


Fresh healing expressions

 Reflecting truths through


The raw beauty of


L. Harder 

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