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About Lorenda Harder Studio


grateful for my BACKGROUND


. . . that my natural talent was recognized and nurtured from a very young age.


. . . that I was received the gifts of creative freedom, country living, and travel to acquire a broad range of interests.  

. . . for my schooling (BFA, BEd) to equip me and my early awards and sales to encourage me to fulfil my dream "to create and cultivate creativity in others".

. . .for the challenges I have had to push the boundaries of my own creativity and for the healing nature of the arts.

a lively STYLE and PASSION

"Canadian visual artist, Lorenda Harder, uses themes from nature that inspire dynamic, energetic lines, and surprising colour contrasts as she responds emotionally to the inner energy of her subject."

"Her ability to pass on her love for creative expression and build skills in others is astonishing."

since 2015

Exhibiting in private and juried solo and group exhibits in the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada.

the ART
Nature-themed acrylics, prints, drawings, and poetry are being homed afar afield as New York City, Vancouver, San Diego, and Sydney.

If not in studio dipping brushes into coffee cups or wandering in a kayak with watercolours, may be found teaching -- because I can't help myself.

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