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COMMISION originals

Confident quotes are provided for a commissioned piece, based on your ideas, colours, style, from a vision board, or Designer. Preliminary sketches with two revisions are available upon request before the finished piece is created.

Niagara Grapes.JPG

Hire me to Create Giveaways

Sample: For a Business Promo

Original: 12" x 12" acrylic on baltic Birch

Themed art for use in giveaway draws for business promotions. Examples:

  • Wineries for customers: A wotercolour of a bunch of grapes 

  • Authors for Readers: An ink drawing of the  Eiffel Tower for a Parisian set novel

  • Financial Networkers for their clients: A freedom-related beach scene acrylic on canvas

Invitation, Book Cover
& Card Art

Sample: For Deb Elkink's Roots & Branches

(Digital Copy of Original Design)

I design personalized art which is photographed in high quality. The large format digital photo is ready for you or your designer to manipulate, format, and use OR hire us to create the cover*

  • Invitations for weddings and anniversaries

  • Personalized Card for printing 

  • Promotional Poster Cards

  • Book Cover Designers 

  • Self Published Authors

*Artist retains the original and copyrights outside the specified purpose. I work closely with a technical assistant experienced with various platforms.


Special Occassion Gifts

Sample: 12"x16" Acrylic on wrapped canvas - from an engagement photo 

  • Weddings: An acrylic on canvas of the couple taking a hike in the woods (usually found on their Facebook timeline) 

  • Birthdays: A childhood memory or dream brought to life (from a photo supplied to the artist)

  • Work-related Honour: An activity or still life related to their work.

Heritage Art

Sample: Conte Drawing of Belizean Memory

Eg. If you have an old photo that lacks lustre, it could become a lively and wonderful memory after I am inspired by your memories.

  • Family Trees & Portraits

  • Still lifes of treasured items

  • Childhood homes

  • Special family trips

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