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A reader from British Columbia described Lorenda's poetry as 

"...intriguing, insightful, thought provoking..."

"...a unique and harmonious blending of words and imagery..."

Ullie Kowcun, poet


B'reshith - In the Beginning

B'reshith is the Hebrew word meaning "in the beginning" and this collection of poems was inspired by the first three chapters of Genesis and applied personally with a focus on creation, the fall, and redemption.

8" x 8" Forty full-colour pages. Leather-bound. Limited edition.


$30.00 ea. 

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The Wounded Christ

A limited edition poetry book featuring poetry and imagery by Lorenda Harder in The Wounded Christ.

"This rich compilation of selected paintings, photos, and poetry reveal Christ’s trauma and our healing, the Spirit’s guidance and our comfort, and the Father’s mercy leading to our celebration of grace."

8" x 8" Forty full-colour pages. Leather-bound. Limited Edition.


$30.00 ea

The Mending Branch

A collection of contemporary blank and free verse, traditional poems and excerpts, visual inspirations. This integrated visual-verbal art form shows snippets of 12-step recovery, a journey that celebrates the ability of the Higher Power (God) to heal broken hearts with truth and tenderness. 


This leather-bound was a limited edition, hand-signed and numbered by the author. 

SOLD OUT but many of these poems are available to read on the artist's instagram poetry page (below).


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