Integrating Art & Poetry

B'reshith - In the Beginning

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In 2021, Lorenda completed her third art and poetry integration with a Genesis-Regeneration theme.

EXPRESSING THE WORD. In 1902, artist George Watts spoke of his painting "Sower of the Systems": “My attempts at giving utterance and form to my ideas are like the child's design, who being asked. . . to draw God, made a great number of circular scribbles, and. . .struck his pencil through the centre, making a great void. This is utterly absurd as a picture, but there is a greater idea in it than in Michelangelo’s old man with a white beard.”  This is how I attempt to express insights I discover - things about God while studying HIs Word, reflecting on who He is, and worshipping Him. I submit to you my messy scribbles, star-struck words and glued-in pictures about an ineffable powerful, knowing, and loving Creator.

8" x 8" Forty full-color pages. Leather-bound. Limited edition.


$30.00 ea. (No payments are being accepted for this book yet although reservations are being accepted.)

Due to world events and circumstances beyond my control, this book is in limbo. Hopefully, it will arrive within the year.

The Wounded Christ


In 2020, Lorenda launched her second art and poetry book.

Tangled Garland Press is offering another limited edition poetry book featuring poetry and imagery by Lorenda Harder in The Wounded Christ.

The Wounded Christ immediately pulls us into a world of reflection and thoughtfulness with its unique integration of words with images. This poet-artist interacts with the reader-viewer with both intuitive expressions and Bible-focused applications. This rich compilation of selected paintings, photos, and poetry reveal Christ’s trauma and our healing, the Spirit’s guidance and our comfort, and the Father’s mercy leading to our celebration of grace.

8" x 8" Forty full-color pages. Leather-bound.


$30.00 ea.

the mending branch


In 2019, Lorenda began integrating her art with her poetry. 

_the mending branch_ is a collection of contemporary blank and free verse, traditional poems and excerpts, visual inspirations, and #thoughts. This unique integrated visual-verbal art form shows snippets of the author’s healing journey. In the big picture, it celebrates the desire and ability God has to mend each one of our broken hearts with both truth and tenderness. The creative and poignant expression through dozens of poems and photos offers countless opportunities on which to reflect and meditate. This leather-bound was a limited edition that was hand-signed and numbered by the author. 

In addition to the book, Lorenda also included for each recipient her original sketch of a budding branch.

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