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HIRE ME TO DESIGN and original 

Business promotional art

  • Business and Fundraiser Giveaways

  • Special events such as weddings or birthdays

  • Heritage memory art for the Family Tree

  • Book cover and illustration art for your book

LET's talk!


Free quotes for commissioned pieces are provided, based on your ideas, reference photos, colour palette, or decorator vision boards.


After you agree to a piece with a down payment, preliminary sketches with two minor revisions are available before the finished piece is completed. All pieces are always in my style and signed, with more and less abstraction.

Artist retains copyrights. Some pieces (such as invitations, book covers, and illustrations are sent digitally). 

Niagara Grapes.JPG

hire me to create GIVEAWAYS

Sample: For a Business Promo

Original: 12" x 12" acrylic on baltic Birch

Themed original or printed art for use in giveaway draws for business promotions. Examples:

  • Wineries for their customers:  An original watercolour of a bunch of grapes or glass of wine

  • Authors for their Readers: An ink drawing of the  Eiffel Tower for a Parisian set novel

  • Financial Networkers for their clients: A freedom-related beach scene acrylic on canvas

digital ILLUSTRATION art

Sample: For Deb Elkink's Roots & Branches

(Digital Copy of Original Design)

I design personalized art which is photographed in high quality. It can be art I have already created or I can design something specifically for you.

Print ready, as arranged.

  • Invitation for a special occasion 

  • Personalized or Promotional card 

  • Book Cover or Illustration art

  • Logo and Facebook Banner

NB Artist retains the original and copyrights outside the specified purpose. 

couple in love

special occasion GIFTS

Sample: 12"x16" Acrylic on wrapped canvas - from an engagement photo 

Original, personalized works of art only:

  • Weddings: Acrylic on canvas of the couple in nature; a LIVE wedding painting; a wedding floral triptych

  • Birthdays: A childhood memory brought to life

  • Work-related Honour: An activity or still life related to their work or service


Sample: 9" x 12" Conté Drawing of a Belizean Memory

An old lack lustre photo can become a lively and wonderful memory original painting.

  • Family Tree Vignette

  • Still lifes of treasured items

  • Childhood home

  • Special family trip


a beloved PET

Sample: 12"x 12" Two Cats.

Acrylic on baltic birch

Out of a blurry photo or a compilation or photos, a memory can be created of a beloved pet. Original painting.

Impressionist abstracts are also available with you and your pet in a favourite environment:

  • grooming your horse in the barn

  • walking your dog on the beach

  • cuddling your cat in the sun room

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