In My Backyard

One Day Lorenda ventured out into a tangled mess of yard only to discover little masterpieces hidden in the form of fresh flowers. Her series developed to also include 40 "significant botanicals" attached to relationships in her life. Each one is a 5" x 7" x 1/2" collage acrylic. 

DOUBLE CLICK on any of the triangles in the floral montage to see more (and to check to see if it is still available).

She began by working from her own back yard flowers and personal impressions. Each one was abstracted as she gave in to the dictates of the textured foundation until harmony was reached...much like life. 

They remain nameless to keep viewers from simply labelling "Oh, it's a ___" and moving on...and instead to be encouraged to slow down and perhaps appreciate a relationship from their own bouquet of life. 

Originally, this entire series of 40 paintings were featured as table centrepieces at a ladies' breakfast in 2016. 


Life of Trees Solo Exhibit


The B Gallery in St. Catharines, ON.


September to December 2018

$90 each
Add $10-$20
for S&H

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A percentage of our profit goes toward freedom fighting through International Justice Mission.

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Lorenda Harder Studio

Niagara Region, Canada