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Gallery Tour, Step 4: Well, Technically Speaking. . .

Updated: Nov 23, 2020


So was the "Creation of Adam"* by Michelangelo or God? (Attempt at humour.) Every human has value based on the fact that they EXIST. So every artist's handiwork has intrinsic value based on the fact that is was created from the artist's hand. The process of making in itself has value. We will be discussing the whether or not we personally value a piece in the last step. But before we do, we need to determine if the piece was made WELL or not.

After you have collected information on a piece by describing the use of the elements of art and its context, you can look at how the elements interact with the "Principles of Design" (standards of beauty) and decide if they create a harmonious composition. You are trying to NOTICE the relationships then determine if the artist used a skillful hand at it or not. HERE are the Principles of Design:


(These words basically mean what they suggest).

You might like to memorize this handy acronym


to help you along in finding relationships between the elements and principles.

Need a reminder of the elements? Let Visual Sharpening Come To Serendipitous Fruition!

(line, value, shape, colour, texture, space, form)

I will use the previously mentioned Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror" (in Step 2) to mention a few examples of analysis in a DISORGANIZED but free flowing fashion (you are free to go on forever, or just find a few relationships... or you can sign up to my blog to get my free handy dandy printable analysis sheet):