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Grateful Greatness!

Wishing you and your families a heartfelt Thanksgiving full of gratitude. May we be grateful and enjoy the harvests produced from sowing loving seeds in people's lives. And may we all be thankful, despite dry seasons of doubt, deluges of grief, and countless pests of distraction and failure. I pray for you, to experience a depth of gratefulness that is in response to the heavy pruning of the soul...of hurts, mistakes, shortcomings---The type that makes room for truth, healing, new growth, fruitfulness. May the Creator show you your innate value and His innate love during this season of reflection.



P.S. My painting, "Niagara Vineyard Concords" 2017 12" x 12" acrylic on baltic birch was painted with the plum-to-bursting harvest in my mind...The leaves have given all they can and shrivel up and die to make room for the bounty. I see that there is a kind of beauty in death when it leads to life. In this way, it is necessary to let go of past things while recognizing that they added or our character formation so we can get on with our future.


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