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I've Confused Myself

Are ever so confused you bump into yourself in the hallway? I have done this...So here I am cruising along writing my monthly-or-so blog post and getting new followers and I visit "manage my blog" -- I notice phantom "blogs" (or copies) on my website and a mysterious member area among other things. I DO have a vague memory of possibly adding the member area at 2 am one night a while back. Now, this artist not only struggles with physical clutter but technical clutter as well! I used to believe that routine and organization squelched creativity but now I am convinced that simple and meaningful routines in life (rather than detailed, structured goals) are best for me.

Sometimes my process of painting a piece can get unruly as well. It takes some focus and layering and painting areas out with solid act basically like white-out. Each morning is new and fresh. I can paint over with do-overs. These pieces below are NO more and I am disappointed about that. However, when I give them another go, they will have a different quality...just as two sunsets are never the same. Sometimes I pick up three steps back from where I was yesterday...but I need to keep going.

The effectiveness of my new simple routined life will take some time to believe in and possibly longer to firm up. While I seek to streamline (edit, take inventory, declutter, practice) I am sure to carve out a good chunk of my day for creativity. For you it might be gardening or building or fishing: whatever allows you a place to express who you are and where you can receive joy.

Regardless, I'll be sure to stop and appreciate the beauty of nature even before picking up my brush or washing dishes. The rhythm and quality of creation slows me down and keeps me from becoming too befuddled. It centres me. It helps me keep my feet planted and heart in rhythm...and I tend not to bump into myself in the hallway so often.

Keeping on,



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