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Loving on "Roots & Branches"

A while back, I had the opportunity to design a book cover for author Deb Elkink. "Roots & Branches" Ink and white watercolour, 12 x 14 inches. Since it was designed as a book cover illustration for a book about G.K. Chesterton's tree in the imagination, I integrated some of the colours and feel of the 1800's intaglio prints of Chesterton's day. My aim was to make a majestic tree that would also possess a sense of safety and intimacy. While the wise old oak overlooks its valley, it still hopes the viewer might nestle at its roots." For me, it is always a gift to become lost in a drawing while I am making it. This was one of those times and though I have become quite attached to this Oak, and thought I have its image in prints (TBA) or on books on Amazon I am thrilled to soon ship it off to its new home where it will be much loved. There is something about having an original, which is why I am seriously considering making a run of gicleé prints (which are the closest to an original you will get.) In the meantime, you might suggest "Well, just draw another!" And I would reply "It would be a different tree in the forest, not that one. . . but trees are nice. Perhaps I will anyway."

Deb Elkink's Book "Roots & Branches: The Symbol of the Tree in the Imagination of G. K. Chesterton"
Roots & Branches Drawing and Book




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