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Next Stop: Algonquin?

Okay, so I am very excited about my little kayaking escapes in my local area of Niagara. We have a wealth of beauty here. However, one day out on the pond, I began imagining myself in THE same Algonquin Park that Tom Thompson and his painting buddies found themselves canoeing in...complete with oils and other supplies (but including a real place to sleep, a gallon of DEET, and energy bars). So, yes an idealized notion to paint in the wilds of the park (but in reality, possibly only moments way from an air-conditioned car)...BUT to be moved by the SAME awesome beauty of the area! To paint plein air from my kayak or on a quiet shore, in my own abstracted style! Perhaps the four-hour trek there will need a little pre-planning. YOU will hear about it if I ever get there... In the meantime, here are a few local inspirations I gathered one day this summer with watercolours from my kayak. Now it's onward to AUTUMN!. Enjoy the colours! Speaking of colours...have you ever heard of Coquelicot? You'll see some this month and in my next blog.

Until the leaves fall,



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