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Orchids Forever.

At age 24, I flew from Manitoba to Ontario in the mid-80s to visit my soon-to-be in-laws. I immediately changed part of their home into makeshift printmaking studio: I hand-printed, signed and numbered linoleum relief orchids on to the fronts of our 125 wedding invitations, spreading them across the washer, dryer, and their large freezer to dry as I pulled more and more prints. What they must have thought of me! They were certainly very gracious people and they are missed by many.

Today, I relate most closely to the meaning the Chinese give to the orchid: emblems of integrity, elegance and friendship. I also acknowledge the rarity and fragility of the flower, and believe that marriage (and all relationships) need to be regarded and guarded. I made sure to add dancing leaves to my orchid to represent the inner vitality of this flower...and now I see, of marriage. I really had no idea at the time (caught up in romance) how applicable this symbol would be for us! This weekend, my husband and I have the privilege of celebrating 35 years married.

Some various creative expressions people might perform in their day-to-day lives to celebrate or build meaningful experiences: It might come in the form of a beautifully arranged charcuterie plate; in the simplicity of a tidy, balanced room; a gentle song of gratitude during a walk around their neighbourhood; photos of precious memories snapped; another dress sewn; a sketch; a poem; an unexpected gift for someone; in a meandering visit with a friend.

Note to self: I will let neither over-active nor under-active creativity rob me of the beauty that TODAY potentially has for me. Celebrate. Creatively. Daily. Deliberately.


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