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Scribble it Out!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Many people say "I can't draw" "I'm not artistic" and excuse themselves from expressing themselves creatively in any way. However, I know personally that self-expression is therapeutic - even without a therapist.[1] Any person can follow a guided art process and analyze their own picture. They can determine what they drew and how it made them feel. "Through exploring their art, people can look for themes and conflicts that may be affecting their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors."[2]

Making art can reduce symptoms of depression for people of all ages. It has been found to reduce levels of anxiety and increase happiness. It helps me personally shift focus from worry and move into a place of peace. This would happen even if I was not artistic. So, you may or may not not be able to sell your art, but just making some can make you feel better if you approach the process non-judgementally. Guided art expression exercises can even help you understand yourself better and help you though a difficult time.

Here is one exercise I have been doing since childhood. It could quite possibly have been introduced to me by my mom out of desperation to keep me occupied in the summer or to just shut me up long enough for her to pay a bill or - how I would like to imagination it: The creative artistic genius in her (she is also an artist[3]) knew it would be therapeutic for me!


1. Get a piece of scrap paper.

2. Grab anything handy to draw with - even just a lipstick.

3. Scribble one LONG random line, freely, and lots ALL over the paper (see sample).


1. Look at what you have done and ask yourself how it felt to express yourself so freely.

2. Study the shapes and lines and find something in it - like you did as a child looking up into the clouds.

3. Finish what you found (shade it, outline it, add an eye - whatever). You have created and expressed yourself today. That thing you found? It used imagination. That feeling you had? That was self-expression.

Send me your scribble art anytime! It gives me joy to see it.

1. I am not a therapist. If you have severe psychological issues, drawing picture won't heal you, but you can find a good art therapist who could lead you into greater health. For art therapy, check out CATA. 2. Very Well Mind article. 3. Elma Eidse Neufeld art website.


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