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You'd Think the Snow would Inspire Me

Sometimes, it does! It's not that I don't like snow, but I haven't been painting much lately. I HAVE been quite involved with my teaching which I also love! This includes a bit of demo painting for students here and there, but what I am featuring today is my 24" square acrylic wash "Sycamore - Peace" - it was not technically "plein air" (fresh air painting) but I was looking out my front window at the neighbours elegant tree against a gray-blue sky:

Sycamore - Peace

I want not anxious for Spring while I painted this. In fact, it was bringing to mind some beautiful memories of amazing childhood blizzards, skiing in Austria as a teen, tobogganing my children, and this last winter, hunkering down with my husband and hot chocolate as the snow piled 26 inches high outside.

But Spring does arrive and revive other memories, and bulbs, and perennials and our old hearts. From my Winter Wakes poem:

Where is the light, the melt,

The promised citrine shoot

The summer rains and sunshine

Beaming only in imagined dreams

This winter’s the longest yet and

Blinding white I cannot see the end.

And this excerpt from my poem entitled This Morning.

As our common robin’s song vibrates by dint of windowpane

This morning, I sing too.

As the sun's light filters past a solid grey of blue

This morning,

So my hope transcends earth’s dark mass of care.

This flourishing tree right out my door

With its deep roots, is strong and sure—

Providing fruit and shade and baby bird safe holds.

So soon, I will be singing with you. One day, I may paint a first snowfall as I am "Waiting for Winter" but today, I must admit I am looking forward to hearing the birds again, aren't you?




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