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_the mending branch_

Updated: May 27, 2020

I've had an interesting year, including a recent visit to childhood sites out on the beautiful Manitoba prairies. I was challenged to confront some long-held lies about my faith and my motivations. I felt broken and hopeless but with much help from twelve-step work, specifically "Blueprint for Progress" (a moral inventory), I was able to be honest and courageous enough to allow my deepest feelings to flow through an instagram account where I penned the pseudonym _thebrokenbranch_. A visual and verbal integration happened and what came out of this tough yet healing time was also a book of poetry and pictures which may be shared with mostly close friends and family.

Yesterday, I found a lovely spot on Sunset Beach in St. Catharines and while setting out my Chinese inks, I was wondering what might inspire me...and there it was right in front of me...a literal, broken branch growing green! So I proceeded to ink and paint enough mending branches to give to each one of the book owners-to-be. I thought this reminder of hope and healing would be the perfect thanks for all their encouragement and support.


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