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A Pandemic of a Different Kind

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I can't even can imagine...we all have our own stories, our own struggles, and I hope our own little victories. To be honest, although I have overcome the initial shock, it is difficult living in such an overtly dysfunctional world since COVID-19 hit. It was easier when we could pretend we were all more normal. Being "overwhelmed and too busy" seems ironic during this time but I have spoken to many of you and it appears it is actually quite common.

Thus, I have been encouraged by the restrictions placed on me to not only isolate physically but to be driven internally to do more soul searching. My creativity froze up in some areas for a bit but is freer-flowing now.

I just wanted to let you all know that my thoughts are with you as YOU navigate this difficult time. The biggest (sometimes ONLY) comfort for me is trusting in the Providential Mural...a much bigger picture than I could ever even imagine painting.

Writing poems does not just express my thoughts and feelings, but the activity of writing actually helps me process them as I learn how best to love God, others, and myself better. It was in 1839 that Edward Bulwer-Lytton first wrote "The pen is mightier than the sword" and this is true personally for me today...In this poem, I am learning to face fear and put my faith in God into action.


Just one step

To be free-falling in space

I've waited years

Flying high

Most of my oblivious life 

In full gear

Not aware

I’d never actually jumped

Alive with terror

Full of dread

For so long deafening

To my ears

Until today

God my Strong Harbinger 

Linked -- I peer

Safely facing 

Fear of Your abandonment

I jump here

Hang weak hoping

For exhilaration and I

Find You near

Just one step

And we are free, falling in space

You've waited here

DOES anyone know which piece of my art I was thinking of when I wrote this piece?

Take care,




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