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It's Elemental, My Dear

I was honoured to be asked to be feature artist for a week by Queen Street Artist Group (QSAG). So I gathered about 25 pieces together that seemed to be all connected in some way. After taking a good look at them all, the idea of the classical elements hit, fire, wind and water. And the exhibit came together for me quite quickly after this.

So in the heat of summer, my husband and I managed to install the show in Niagara Falls, literally 5 minutes from the brink of it. (Of course, I HAD to include my painting "Brink of Niagara") As a member fo QSAG, I showed at The Hub on Queen. My husband and I arranged the pieces and I was greatly encouraged by a few people that came by as I installed the work. One lady absolutely delighted me with the delight she showed in my Freedom Triptych. We stood there discussing the beauty of our Niagara Lakes and beaches. She was take with how I managed to capture the essence of them in this piece.

I must tell you what she said: "I've always been intrigued by a 3-panel triptych as a means of presenting artwork. Your triptych of the shoreline of Lake Ontario caught me off-guard. For the first time, I saw a dynamic purpose to a triptych. It was like the waves had a place in time and space. I felt a rhythm as the waves progressed along the panels..there was a 3D dimensionality on the canvas surface, as well as the flow along the wall. It certainly seemed like the water was almost alive."

If you didn't get a chance to visit the gallery this summer, I encourage you to view highlights of the exhibit here online:


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