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Proof of Life in New York!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

My "Rehoming Art" Highlight: Relief, my 24" x 24" acrylic painting representing the care for the people and the impact on them and their environment from the 2016 Fort McMurray fires in Canada (#fortmacstrong) now has its forever home in Manhattan, New York City! Sandwiched -- just a stone's throw from the Empire State Building and in clear view of the classic Art Deco Chrysler Building, it warms my heart to know that this piece is much loved and appreciated by a private collector. (No, it isn't being thrown over the edge, it's just showing me near where it lives.)

My Inculcating: Here in Niagara, it's been a busy time the last several months, as I have taken in several art exhibits and some excellent conferences -- all of which speak into and develop my artist's soul. This and many unexpected changes in life have now got me getting excited and re-envisioning my art teaching (that I will share about at another time), my art involvement in my community, and my art making itself:

My Community: My Faith Arts group for artists and art lovers is growing so I have been happily tending to its demands as we continue to enjoy our encouraging in-person and online meet-ups. I have also begun curating art shows for fellow artists in a space generously offered to me here near my home and have an online one planned too.

My Art Making: In addition to framing work I've never shown before, I continue to explore life and grow as a person and artist. No sneak peeks at my NEW artwork yet, but keep an eye on my Instagram this summer as I hope to be creating some directly from my kayak.

My Salutation: I hope peace, truth, and beauty surround you in the coming weeks...May you find them hanging in trees, reflecting off the moon, and hidden like wildflower bunches in the quiet moments of your life.



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29 Μαΐ 2023
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Superb! Love the pic and news update . . .

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03 Ιουν 2023
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Thank you!

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