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WORKSHOPS for the heart

This first live online
Expressive Arts Workshop

Saturday, May 11
(Postponed - registrants please check your email)

is FREE -a $40 value-

with an opportunity but no obligation or pressure to follow up with the remaining five

Exploring Inner Calm & Gratitude Workshops 

Dates TBA for $199 CAD
-regular price $240-

TIME: @ 2-3:30 pm EST

BONUS: A video recording of the guided portion of each workshop will be made available to registrants for 30 days following each session.

MATERIALS: a simple list needed will be supplied with the confirmation email and meeting link.

About Expressive Arts & Lorenda:


As a professional artist, making art demands a level of skill but any personal healing in the arts takes place in the process of expression

Therefore, no previous experience or skill in art is needed to experience all the many healthful benefits of engaging in the expressive arts.

I have found the making of art therapeutic in my own life so have continued to study and gather helpful healing practises to share with others.


Today, as an Art Therapy Practitioner* rather than a Therapist, I offer guided step-by-step sessions for others to privately explore transitions such as confusion to clarity, fear to courage, anxiety to peace, and sadness to joy and an opportunity (not not an obligation) to share their experience with others.


In addition to experiencing the workshop, I like leaving people with the ability to continue the practise it along with take-home resiliency tools and self-exploration tips - all towards personal growth and a greater sense of well-being. 

Thank you for your time.



*An Art Therapy Practitioner is NOT an Art Therapist. Lorenda is an experienced educator and guide, qualified to teach techniques in the arts and to provide an effective space and various creative interventions for the client to explore their process of self-discovery and personal growth. Sessions may supplement the work of a Psychotherapist or counsellor but in no way do they take the place of professional therapy. Only self-analysis takes place in the sessions. 

Visit my CV for more

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