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  • Lorenda Harder

Sometimes, especially when I am hit with something heavy in my life...hmm. Let's see... something like a global pandemic, it just feels good to look through some of the art I have created and put frames on them: to give my artwork the definition and respect it deserves. It is not unlike tidying one's house or vacuuming the car...but possibly more like adjusting a meal with herbs and other seasonings. First, I pick and choose pieces that appeal to me that day, and then I pair them with one of the many frames I have collected over the years -- frames I have been drawn to because of their own inherent beauty....wooden inlay, bone, glass, lacquer...And when I know I have a good match, I feel that little leap of excitement! It always takes longer than expected to compile, but in the end, I end up with "completed" pieces all ready to hang up in my own home or rehome. I don't have homebaked cookies or sourdough loaves to show off on social media, but here is a montage of my latest batch of art! Notice that I have only matted some of them: This allows the new owner to choose a suitable frame for themselves. Ask me about any of these...I have a story about each one.

  • Lorenda Harder

But yes, they are still blooming out there even if we can't see most of them -- so I must keep on keeping on painting them, even if by my reference photos! Also, I have been reminded of the solace I get from playing with pencils, watercolours and paint. The first time I made someone laugh with a cartoon sketch, I felt happy. I remember the day I first picked up a brush to paint a large canvas -- It felt like a voice to me. And I still become lost watercolours too.

My latest wave of fear, anger, confusion, grief, and resolution caused by this difficult time made me realize why I am driven to teach too: To bring others tools for emotional release and joyful expression. Therefore, I just decided to offer my workshops personal live online to anyone and their housemates during this CV-19 time.

To start, here are a few workshops I have to offer. You can visit here and subscribe for updates to see more as I add them. In the meantime, I hope you and your families remain both well and secure this beautiful Spring.

  • Lorenda Harder

(That is a "procrastinator" with your ARTsy projects.) In light of the global virus pandemic, I was thinking of how I might make the most of my increased time at home. How many creative projects have you started and not finished? I find when I have too many "almost finished" ones, it weighs me down. SO I can say I do feel more lighthearted now that I have finished and launched my next art and poetry book! Almost immediately after that, I finally completed my Pinterest acrylic paint organizer. Then I tackled something that has been lingering for over two years - to open a store-like tab on my website! It is still a work in progress, but I managed to make it LIVE! Now I get to go back into the studio to paint.

It has been a good distraction from all the concerning things floating around. So I encourage YOU to pick a project yourself and let me know what you manage to complete...An unfinished sewing pattern? A half-knitted scarf? A just-started DIY?

Here's a 1-minute promo vid of my poetry book. Now stop procartinating...but don't hurry either. Live every day to the fullest. Smell the coffee and the flowers.

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