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Fun Story and Sail

If you spend any time out on the Niagara lakes, you will notice the serene and ineffable peace you experience some days.

We were out kayaking on Lake Ontario on an unusually warm day for October, and far off in the distance of the calm lake was a lone sailboat. I was enjoying the cool breeze and the warm sun, so decided to see if I could reach that vessel. Lucky for me, she was traveling towards us, so in a very few minutes of mad paddling, we met.

I grabbed my camera and took several photos as she glided by -- I saw photo op after photo op but was concerned that the protective coating on the camera lens might blur the photos -- but waterproof cases are a must on the water.

Meanwhile, we were close enough that the sailors on board noticed me taking photos and I heard a shout about wanting to see the pictures...I yelled back "lorenda harder dot com! L-O-R-E-N-D-A" And I heard back "Harder, H-A-R-D-E-R?" I answered, "Yes!, Email me!" Arm waves all around followed, and surprisingly, by the time I arrived home to discover how well the pictures turned out, Sailor Chris actually enquired about how they turned out and ended up purchasing. The day was perfect for a paddle and a sail...and sale! How charming! And funny! And unusual. My husband is still chuckling. So I thought you might enjoy this story as well.

And just days prior, I had been thinking of getting some of my photos printed and matted for sale. I take 1000s and once in a while, I get a couple of keepers. This week was an exceptional one. As an artist, I have an eye for composition, colour, and contrasts...And sometimes, I get the satisfaction of knowing I've captured the beauty and mood I was looking for in a photograph instead of a painting.

Thumbnails of some of my best photos will be added to my site eventually. In the meantime, I have recently started offering prints of my art as well. Take a look at my work to see if there are any pieces you are interested in. I am offering 8" x 10"s in 11" x 13" white mats. Where my photos will have a gloss finish, my art prints are in a matte finish on acid-free paper.

Thanks for floating by,


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Oct 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So beautiful!

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