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Oh! The Smiles!

It's so thrilling for me as an artist to see owners enjoying my pieces so I especially LOVE it when I get photos of them with the work. I am excited to share that select pieces have found homes reaching from from New York to Australia this last year -- that spans 15,000 kilometres! Featured below is a serigraph skydiver created in the 80s and received as a Christmas gift; a watercolour painted in the 90s while living out west and purchased as a birthday gift; a romantic acrylic on birch impression of the engaged couple here, given for a wedding shower gift. Some other pieces I bid adieu to include the ink drawing "Roots and Branches" now in the Alberta home of the author of the book with the same name, a couple of hand pulled Banyan Tree prints on Vancouver Island and in London Ontario, a few remaining floral acrylic collages dotted across a couple of provinces; local Niagara scenes now belonging to locals. I am enjoying spreading the love through commissions and smaller intimate pieces that remind people of meaningful times or places. We all have our stories. Keep sharing yours too!


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