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the NEW year

Who else feels both a sense of panic and hopefulness when you hear this? I sit here while the last day of this decade tries so hard with its blustery light snowflakes to bring the next in like a lion. But the grass remains green - ish - brown. And I sit here with my tree, still lit with hope, already trading some failed attempts at accomplishing certain tasks for a lovely poem about God's providence.

Seriously: This year, I have a sense of "I'll plan my way but it will go sideways, so I'll just embrace it." So I rummage through my 2019 photos wondering which memories might now become full-fledged paintings, which ones will fade away or distort into something ugly or beautiful, which people and my relationships with them might influence my future work.

Just to answer any questions you might have about the pics I chose below: 1. Discovering. My husband at an ocean lookout at a fort in Maine. 2. Learning. My mother taught the family how to make baskets from scratch this year! It reminds me of how I enjoyed the Greek masks I helped children make in a workshop come to life on stage. I 3. Healing. This is the art and poetry book "the mending branch" I completed as a celebration of the emotional freedom I experienced. 4. Nature's beauty. Everyone was fascinated (some devasted) by the snow and ice in Niagara this year. 5. Innovative. The Lake Ontario flood was less invasive but altered my favourite sunset spot in Port Dalhousie. 6. Family. Family meals together? Always precious (as far-flung as Brandon, MB this year). 7. And Friends. Several trips to art galleries with people I love (My mom, sister, husband, children, friends at Toronto's AGO and Ottawa's National.) 8. Decorating after decluttering and rehoming some of my art to bless others and make room for richer living. 9. Reflection. A snap of our long shadows along the Atlantic Ocean shore THIS year (Pacific last year). 10. Live life to the fullest! Live music changes my soul. 2019: Switchfoot, Niagara Gallery Players and Foreigner graced our ears.

My hope for you and yours today is that you will have a peaceful and meaningful 2020. I hope your plans are well-laid (as I hope mine are). I would LOVE to hear from you about what subjects you would be interested in seeing in my paintings this next year! I DO have another art and poetry book I'll be ready to unleash soon! Until then adieu, adieu, and adieu!


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