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cultivating skilled creativity


As an active working artist, I limit the number of students I take on each season, so enquire early! 


Lessons are individualized to meet the goals and interests of each student so let's arrange a complementary twenty-minute meet-up at my studio to ensure a good fit. 

Session Start-Ups:

Sep 5 - filled
Oct 31 
Jan 9
Mar 19

Cost: $320 per session
Taxes and in-class materials are included.
A 20% discount is available for semi-private lessons (with a friend or relative).

Time. Allow 10 min. daily to practice skills and one hour of weekly instruction over each 8-week session.


If YOU have a group of 3 or more, lessons are individualized to meet overall needs.

Some groups I have or am presently working with:

  • Families and Friends

  • Private and Public Schools

  • Homeschool and Church Groups

Group Rate as low as $15/hr. ea. and sibling discounts

Connect with me with your interests, so I can gather details for a quote. 


Time. 9 hours of instruction

(60-90 min for 6-9 weeks)

P.S. For one-time stand-alone workshops visit the Workshop Portfolio page.

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EXAMPLES of Themed Sessions:

  •  Pencil Mastery Basic Drawing Skills

  • Landscape Painting & Your Personal Colour Palette

  • Exploration in Pastels 

  • Animal Cartoonification

  • Impressionist Floral Watercolours

  • NEW: Straight to the Art (Expressive, therapeutic arts)


Online - 1 screen per participant

NAA Teaching Studio - Accommodates up to 12

YOUR Venue - within Niagara and a nominal travel fee

MATERIALS: Basic in-class materials are included but you will need to acquire any materials for home use, depending on the media you choose to work with. (eg. pencil and sketchbook for practice work, soft pastels, acrylic paints)

ATTENDANCE: Click here to see our Policies and Terms.

OPTIONS: Enquire about Christian faith-oriented worldview lessons for pre-school worship arts, elementary, or high school course curricula.

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