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Back on the Water Again

Updated: May 3, 2022

Did you notice I didn't make it to Algonquin last year? I did. When life prevents me from accomplishing what I hope to do, it can get to me. However, I have learned how to roll with both poor planning and providence. And any disappointments wash away as soon as I get floating anywhere. Much like "back in the saddle again" I am "back to my paddling again" -- It's a reprieve from my troubles, a regrouping of my thoughts, a revamping of my attitudes, and refreshing emotionally.

Artist Makoto Fujimura in his book Silence and Beauty says “The surface of my “slow art” is prismatic, so at first glance the malachite surface looks green. But if the eye is allowed to linger on the surface—it usually takes ten minutes for the eye to adjust—the observer can begin to see the rainbow created by layer upon layer of broken shards of minerals. Such a contemplative experience can be a deep sensory journey toward wisdom. Willingness to spend time truly seeing can change how we view the world, moving us away from our fast-food culture of superficially scanning what we see and becoming surfeited with images that do not delve below the surface.”

I experience something similar on the ever changing surface of the water and absorbing the senses in each season. My art is directly affected by this meditation into wisdom (or applied knowledge). I take what changes me on the lake and it can certainly inform and form my life and my art. Perhaps it's not ironic that I find myself drawn to watercolour right now -- with its layers and transparencies -- as I actively seek beauty in nature, honesty of heart and informed imagination acquired through quiet times with my Creator and His expressions.

I was thinking about the vitality of the water on the pond while I finished off this Chinese ink of a blossoming branch outside my window. The dancing undulations of the waves, the smallest tender green buddings on the shores, the quietude of early Spring. And my branch came alive. How the rhythms of nature sing the same song!

"Breeze through Blossoms" -- Chinese ink on mulberry paper -- 8" x10"

First paddle of 2022 -- Jordan Harbour at the Trestles -- Niagara, Canada

It turns out that it is therapeutic to float on water, but nobody needs to do scientific studies to tell us where any of OUR therapeutic hobbies reside, right? I would love to hear about YOURS. Is is art, cycling, gardening, or cooking up a glorious soup?

Thanks for reading my meanderings,



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